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In gratitude...

"It's not therapy; it's self-discovery. Everything is beginning to make sense now." ~ Charlotte

"I've been in and out of therapy most of my life and by the second session with Shana I was answering questions I've never been asked before. I began to understand how, as she would say, my past significantly informs my present, and everything is interconnected. She gave me the tools I was missing." ~ Lauren  

"Shana's approach is unconventional and nothing like I expected. I've been to many retreats in the past which opened me up enough to give it a shot. I feel so much clearer on who I am, why I am the way I am and what I want and deserve for myself."  

~ Michele R.

"I am recently divorced and was in search of peace of mind. A friend referred me to Shana and all I can say is I'm smiling and enjoying life again. She's an angel." ~ Leslie T.

"Honestly, I didn't want to continue after the third session but Shana encouraged me to keep going and I cannot thank her enough. Years of therapy haven't accomplished what I have learned in just three weeks." ~ Kristen

"The work I did with Shana was a deep dive into myself. Something I'd been putting off because I knew it would be messy. And it was definitely messy...but well worth it. I feel lighter and free." ~ Steven L.

"It was so easy to talk with Shana and open my heart in ways I never have before. Many tears and much laughter later, I am so thankful for her guidance." ~ Carla

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