How does one go about summarizing who they are ?

I suppose I am the history of my ancestors blended with the continuum of my life experiences and choices, ever-evolving, while simultaneously maintaining my childlike demeanor and dreamy anticipation of the future.

Most definitely not the girl next door. Rather, a small town, South Dakota girl raised on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation forced to acquire the necessary survival skills as an outsider to launch myself into the 'real world'. A divorced, single mother of two by the age of 21, I maneuvered my way from extreme poverty to living a life of excess and luxury fueled by my top-shelf addiction.

By the age of 40, having traveled the globe and living in the glamour of New York City, I began to realize how void of authenticity my life was. The false 'friendships', social posturing and foggy mornings were no longer serving me so I opted out and committed to a life of sobriety. Through the process of getting brutally honest with myself, I've been able to shed the shame around my past, release the fear of my future and fully accept who I am and ALL of my dualities.

Of course, it wasn't so simple. There have been casualties along the way.

A few of whom you know...