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Over the past 13 years, I have guided my clients to implement dietary and lifestyle practices that address the root cause of imbalances and disease, helping them to heal their bodies, reduce stress and anxiety and optimize their overall wellness. My approach is unique and meticulously curated based on my clients' lifestyle and bodys' needs. Dietary changes and exercise alone are not enough. 


Through our work together, I will empower you to take greater agency for your overall health. Upon completing a comprehensive health assessment, I will: Guide you through the process of cleansing your body of old toxins and learned habits, facilitate your transition to a healthier, more mindful lifestyle, and provide you with the appropriate information and tools you need to attain and sustain your wellness goals.


Education: Certified Health & Wellness Coach; Holistic Nutritionist; BA in Psychology

Complimentary Holistic Wellness Consultation, 30 min, General overview of overall health, lifestyle and habits.


Holistic Wellness Session 1 - Comprehensive Health Assessment, 90 min, When embarking on a lifestyle change, it's important to stay rooted in intention. What is your 'why'? What are you looking to change, grow or manifest? Do you want to lose a few pounds, have more energy, heal from past trauma, improve your work/life balance, reduce anxiety, effectively boost your immune system? Your power lies in your 'why'. That is where the magic of transformation takes place and that is what I help you uncover in SESSION 1.


Holistic Wellness Session 2 - Whole-food Cleanse, 1 hour, Removing toxins through a guided cleanse not only allows your digestive system to regulate the nutrients getting into your organs and the toxins getting escorted out, but also significantly improves the condition of your skin, blood, lungs, lymphatic system, kidneys and liver. This is how we begin the process of transforming your relationship with food and how you nourish your body. SESSION 2 is dedicated to initiating your 10-day, whole food cleanse.


Holistic Wellness Session 3 - Mindful Movement, 1 hour, SESSION 3 is dedicated to finding new, more intentional ways for you to move. We have been conditioned to believe the more challenging our workouts are, the better results we will get. This is not always true and can result in unnecessary injury and damage to our bodies. Instead of using exercise to disconnect from our minds, mindful movement encourages us to be aware and focused on the quality of our movements and how they make us feel. Apprehension often stands in the way of trying something new so I take that out of the equation by going on this journey with you.


Holistic Wellness Session 4 - Ayurvedic Practices, 1 hour, Ayurveda is the science of healthy living. It originated in the ancient civilization of India more than 5000 years ago and is the oldest healing system in the world. In SESSION 4, and throughout our practice together, I will show you how to go beyond your outward symptoms and physical body to reclaim wellness at every level: mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual and physical.


Holistic Wellness Session 5 - Guided Meditation, 1 hour, Lazarus' Theory of Stress states that stress is experienced when a person perceives that the "demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize." In SESSION 5, you will experience a guided meditation curated specifically for you. I also share meditation tools and techniques accessible to you at any time.


Holistic Wellness Session 6 - Emotional Wellness, 1 hour, Our five basic emotional needs are to be seen, to be heard, to be respected, to be safe and to belong. Understanding our emotional needs empowers us to find fulfillment within ourselves. In SESSION 6 we explore if your emotional needs are currently being met and how to cultivate emotional nourishment going forward.


Holistic Wellness Session 7 - Spiritual Wellness, 1 hour, Spirituality is the connection to our faith which enables us to access our inner power, vitality and the ability to cope with life's challenges. This connection is unique for each of us and in SESSION 7 we discuss how to foster spiritual growth.


Holistic Wellness Session 8 - Sustainable Lifelong Diet & Practices, 1 hour, In SESSION 8, we design your sustainable wellness plan and 'forever diet' by integrating everything we've discussed and experienced throughout our time together. It's a beautiful journey into yourself. I'm here when you're ready!