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With 14 years of experience guiding my clients as a Holistic Life & Healing Coach, consulting for corporations and executives and simply living in New York City...

I've seen one common thread:

We all need to heal.  

Most of us have experienced one or more events in our lives causing some amount of emotional trauma. These events can include divorce, break-ups, addiction, job loss, death, physical, verbal and emotional abuse, bullying, gaslighting, etc.

Rarely are we taught as children how to process these events in order to move forward in our lives in a healthy and fulfilling way. We eventually become the same children in adult bodies trying to navigate adulthood, careers and relationships without the

support and tools needed to succeed.

The good news: Endless therapy isn't the only option.

There is another way.

Through my own healing, my research and my work with others,

I've curated an effective and proven coaching series that will help you

regain your confidence, happiness and peace of mind.

I would be honored to work with you.

It's time to heal!   

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